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|  user experience design
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Design 215: Visual Storytelling, Spring '20

My introductory interaction design class asked us all to consider a need that has arisen amidst the Covid-19 crisis and design a product or service to address it. I teamed with classmates, Joanne Chen, Julia Kolde, Yuna Shin, and Jasper Xie and we set out to explore the digital critiquing experience. As design students, this topic was already on our mind while we tried to navigate our projects without the in person help of our classmates and fellow designers. We wanted to create an interactive and collaborative critique experience that could actually stand up to what we were used to.


Though our initial prototype was centered around using mixed reality to showcase work, communicate with classmates, and leave critiques, we decided to pivot towards a simpler application to achieve our goals. We chose this because we wanted our final prototype to be as accessible as possible- both physically and financially. 

Inworks is an application for students and professionals to share their work and engage in live critique with integrated augmented reality to capture and share 3D work.

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