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Pie chart labeled'black', 'white', 'hispanic', and 'other' representing the inmates on death row.
Larger grey circles labeled by age group containing smaller circles in shades of red labeled by race
A bar graph with '# of inmates' on one axis and 'education level' on the other.
Bar graph with an axis labeled '# of inmates' and another labeled 'grade level'.
A box plot graph showing the days spent on death row across different races.

texas death 
row data

Design 384: Information Visualization, Winter '21

During my Junior year, I was asked to take a large set of data and turn it into a visual essay. As a Texas native, I thought it might be interesting to explore the deeply racist history of my home, and in particular, look at the carceral state.  Thus, the following essay and accompanying graphics are a result of my research on the inmates on death row in Texas. The specific data points I chose to focus on were age, race, education level, and the time spent on death row, and if I could continue my work, I think I would focus on gender as well. Over the course of two weeks, I compiled my data into Excel and created graphics in Figma.

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